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To get information about the Online services and media activities provided by Datikan Law Firm:

  • News department

As the first professional law media of Iran, Datikan presents law news and analysis them. Through its close relationship and cooperation with many law experts of Iran like university professors, attorney, administrative and judicial authorities, the firm publishes notes and interviews about different aspects of famous and important internal and external legal cases, and holds conferences and professional meetings.

We invite all the people interested in this field to cooperate.

  • Intelligent attorney lookup

The system includes the profiles of more than 36000 lawyers as well as many notaries and Licensed Justice Ministry Experts throughout the Iran. For the first time in Iran, online deputation is possible for the lawyers, through a personal online virtual office.

  • Client management system

Through an intelligent comprehensive system in the website, Datikan Legal firm provided the clients with the possibility to follow the process of their case on the website; recorded and updated in their profile by the designated lawyer; which facilitate and speed up the responding and relationship between lawyer and client.

  • Law document reference

Online database of Datikan includes a variation of contracts, applications, complaints and judicial precedent samples. The most common samples of applications, complaint forms, statements, judicial bills and other judicial forms are presented to users in ”application and complaint form database”.

With online petitioning, you can order for a petition which is sent to you by our experts with proper cost and low time. Contracts are also available for online order.

“Judicial precedents” is a unique section; for the first time in Iran you can view samples of courts’ decisions. Users can find, read and analyze many court decisions issued by judicial and non-judicial authorities in a simple user-friendly environment.

Online legal consulting system

“Consulting department” of Datikan provide clients with consulting services in person, through phone calls or in online system. You can register your legal problems in our virtual networks or through tickets in our website, and our experts will provide you with their professional idea about whether there is need for an attorney, in person meeting or other legal services. Right now, Datikan is working on a simple and comprehensive application which helps




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