Our Immigration Services Overview

How to immigrate?

How to find job in other countries?

Is it possible for us to study in foreign universities?

From which countries is it possible to obtain a second citizenship and passport?

Which country is suitable for investment?

Definitely we all have heard these kinds of questions from individuals ​​. One can provide precise and correct answer to these questions who is familiar with the rules of international law, national laws of the destination country and national and local customs and standards, and adapt this knowledge to the conditions and needs of the applicant.

Datikan Law institute brings together a group of lawyers and experts familiar with international legal affairs to guide compatriots to obtain visas, passports, obtain and extend residency, , provide services abroad, advise on starting a business, renting Or buying property, enrolling in schools and universities, and getting help with  receiving tuition and research.

Datikan has been established as a leading law institute in the field of providing online services and utilizing new technology in the Iranian legal community and lots of Iranian lawyers, jurists and economic and social activists are familiar with it.

According to the abilities, financial situation and personal interests of each applicant, Datikan Immigration Lawyers and Advisors Group offer the best immigration method to them and will acompany the applicant in all stages of its implementation.  We will have a brief review of part of the services provided by the Datikan Immigration Institute:

Work  visa

Countries like Canada and Australia, and lots of European countries, need skilled manpower to improve the economic conditions of their country, but due to the shortage of young generation, they are faced with lack of manpower. These countries offer several kinds of jobs and visas. Each type of work visa has its own requirements

Success in obtaining a work permit requires familiarity with the latest immigration programs and the rules and policies governing the process of issuing work visas. Datikan experts can, based on their personal experiences and expertise, provide effective advice to increase the likelihood of success in the presentation and  the process of completing the skills and resume of the applicants.

Startup Visas

One way for immigration for those kind of people who come up with a creative idea to start a new business is a startup visa.

Success in using this type of visa requires observance of appropriate professional rules and standards and preparation of many documents. Datikan immigration experts will accompany the applicant in all stages of preparing a startup plan

Educational immigration

Lots of our country’s students  are interested in studying in prestigious universities of the world.. To succeed in this path, it is necessary to observe various factors, such as choosing a reputable university ,a suitable field of study, research proposal, and preparing a cover letter and resume. Datikan immigration experts have the experience and expertise to assist an applicant in the process of obtaining educational admission or student visa.

Investment visa

One way to migrate is to invest in foreign countries. Different countries have different conditions for investment issue. Datikan experts will help you choose the most suitable country, the best and safest way to invest and ways to reduce the cost of an investment visa.

How to use Datikan services?

If you are planning to immigrate, we recommend that you fill in our application form which is free. In this way, we will get acquainted with your situation and our  experts based on your needs, will introduce you to the relevant immigration lawyer. You will then be contacted by an immigration attorney and other questions will be asked to make a general analysis of your possible choices. the preliminary  discussions of the  Counseling is free and if you need an in-person appointment for further examination we will set you an appointment.

Contact us

If you plan to use other Datikan services or you have any specific questions regarding the issue do not hesitate to contact us:

Datikan Immigration Services Office

Address: No. 6, 3rd Floor, 4th Tohid St., Sharifi Blvd., Saadatabad, Tehran, iran

Phone: 02140884643

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