Breaking The Silence

About two months ago, a wave of revelations about sexual assault started in the Iranian media, and several victims of these crimes requested for help from the Datikan Legal Institute. This led us to think about getting help  from international artists from different cultures to encourage Iranian women to pursue their grievances.

The Italian model, Ambra Gutierrez was one of the individuals who welcomed our offer warmly. Gutierrez testified at the age of 19 against Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi and was the first to sue the powerful American Cinema Mogul, Harvey Weinstein. she played a key role in his 23-year prison sentence. We asked her to tell her story in a video for Iranians.

Many victims avoid pursuing their grievances because they feel they don’t believe in the victory of justice. The triangle of shame, fear and despair makes them to keep being silent. Some are afraid of the consequences of complaining, some are ashamed to speak out, and many have no hope of winning their cases.

A few days ago, the head of  Tehran Police  announced that Keivan Emamirad had confessed to 300 rapes in ten years!
But why was the crime not pursued during these ten years? Because all the victims chose to be silent.

Knowing the experience of Ambra Gutierrez is valuable because we understand that  proving a crime everywhere  in the world is difficult but not impossible. The sufferings  in this world will be less if we trust the judiciary and the laws, believe in the power of justice, and rely on the knowledge and experience of lawyers.

Created by:

 EEK Media & Datikan Legal Institute

with Presence of: 

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez

Mohsen Kazempour
Elahe Tirandaz

Photography from:
Nader Davoodi

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