Boundaries Disapear with Datikan International Branches

Datikan legal services are not limited to Iran. By establishing an international office, the Datikan Legal Institute has made it possible for non-Iranian applicants, Iranians abroad and Iranians intending to reside in other countries to leave their legal and administrative affairs to Datikan lawyers and experts.

The most important Datikan services to foreigners and Iranians living abroad to facilitate international affairs include:

  • Pursuing the issues related to obtaining an Iranian visa, finding a job and studying in Iran, and facilitating trade relations with Iran for foreigners
  • Providing services related to health tourism in Iran to foreign applicants
  • Executive and advisory assistance to facilitate international cooperation of natural and legal persons with universities and scientific and cultural institutions
  • Helping to obtain second citizenship from countries with a legal citizenship program in exchange for investment
  • Consulting and executive services for attending scientific seminars, workshops and international trade fairs
  • Legal advice on all types of foreign purchases, financing, opening various types of letters of credit and all matters related to foreign purchases
  • Advisory services to Iranians living abroad in the field of legal affairs, job offers, continuing education and how to adapt to the cultural and economic conditions of the destination country, faster conversion of temporary to permanent residence and obtaining a passport
  • Media services through the Datikan Media  Department on the legal aspects of the problems of Iranians abroad through the preparation of reports, interviews and meetings and conferences in the form of text or video and video documentary reports
  • Doing the Follow-up and execution of rulings issued in foreign courts or arbitration centers, as well as the necessary documents to be executed abroad inside Iran
  • Preparing and arranging the required contracts in such a way that they can be cited and enforced in Iranian and foreign courts
  • Providing any financial and economic services, including opening a bank account, obtaining a bank credit, cross-border financial transactions, submitting a tax return, registering and establishing a company, and providing advice for starting any kind of business
  • Acceptance of representation in lawsuits in all judicial and non-judicial authorities of Iran or the country of residence through Iranian or foreign lawyers, member or trustee of Datikan
  • Carrying out all legal and administrative affairs in the company’s registration authorities, registration of trademarks and inventions, registration of documents and properties, property and tax authorities, insurance companies, banks, municipalities, stock exchange organizations and other departments and organizations.
  • Registration and follow-up of matters related to the personal status of Iranians abroad, including marriage, divorce, wills and inheritance

Coordination Office in United States

Royarazavi Institute



Coordination Office in Germany

Adl Projekt Management GmbH International

Schloß Elbroich Am Felder 4

Tel/Fax:+49 (211)38786811/4963109



Mrs.R.kordi Managing Director

Coordination Office in Turkey

Goal Gayrimenkul limited şirketi

Istanbul, Esenyurt, Gokevler mah .Adnan Kahveci blv. Almira sitesi, no.5, dukkan15

Tel: +905523996855

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