Iran Legal Codes

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The Labour Law of Islamic Republic of Iran

CHAPTER ONE: GENERAL DEFINITIONS AND PRINCIPLES Article 1: All employers, workers, workshops and production, industrial, services and agricultural institutes shall be obligated to observe the provisions of this Law. Article 2: For the purpose of this Law, a worker is one who works in any capacity against receipt of remuneration …

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Sabotage Convention

The Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation (sometimes referred to as the Sabotage Convention or the Montreal Convention) is a multilateral treaty by which states agree to prohibit and punish behaviour which may threaten the safety of civil aviation. Full Text of Convention

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Convention on Biological Diversity

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), known informally as the Biodiversity Convention, is a multilateral treaty. The Convention has three main goals including: the conservation of biological diversity (or biodiversity); the sustainable use of its components; and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources. Full text …

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Terrorist Financing Convention

The Terrorist Financing Convention (formally, the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism) is a 1999 United Nations treaty designed to criminalize acts of financing acts of terrorism. The convention also seeks to promote police and judicial co-operation to prevent, investigate and punish the financing of such acts. As of October 2018, the treaty …

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