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Electronic Commerce Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Electronic Commerce Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran Chapter one- General Provisions Part 1 – General Section 1 – Domain and Application Article 1 – This Law consists of a set of rules and principles to be applied for easy and secure communication of information in electronic intermediaries using …

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Datikan Arbitration Center

Arbitration is an alternative for judicial system, in which instead of a court, a designated and arbitrary institute investigate the case and its decision is as valid as court decision. Arbitration is especially useful and important in special fields and cases related to professions; it decreases judicial costs and time of …

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The Labour Law of Islamic Republic of Iran

CHAPTER ONE: GENERAL DEFINITIONS AND PRINCIPLES Article 1: All employers, workers, workshops and production, industrial, services and agricultural institutes shall be obligated to observe the provisions of this Law. Article 2: For the purpose of this Law, a worker is one who works in any capacity against receipt of remuneration …

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