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Datikan Online Services

To get information about the Online services and media activities provided by Datikan Law Firm: News department As the first professional law media of Iran, Datikan presents law news and analysis them. Through its close relationship and cooperation with many law experts of Iran like university professors, attorney, administrative and …

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Official name: Islamic Republic of IranHead of State: President H.E. Dr. Hassan RouhaniNational Day: 11th of February (Islamic Revolution of Iran-1979)Capital: TehranArea: 1,648,196 sq kmLand boundaries: 4,137 kmSea boundaries: 2,700 km (Including the Caspian Sea)River boundaries: 1,918 kmBorder countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan), Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, TurkmenistanClimate: Mostly arid or semi-arid, temperate …

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Immigration with Datikan

Our global employment and labor team has extensive experience in immigration law and workforce mobility, helping clients ensure they are operating their businesses with the best legal strategies for achieving smooth workforce transitions. Our lawyers understand that a global workforce requires timely solutions to immigration matters including work permits, visas, …

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